Solar Pump System

Solar water pump is highly reliable pumping system and is available to remotest areas as well. It has very low maintenance cost. No recurring cost for fuel or electricity. Eco-friendly operation promotes sustainable development.
Most important advantage of solar water pump is no dependence on electricity for water. AFM advantages of prompt and reliable service makes offer more tempting.

From agriculture to the energy industry, pumps are found in a wide range of applications. The main working principle of a water pump basically depends upon the positive displacement principle and kinetic energy which helps pushing the water.

Solar pumps are a relatively new concept in mechanics. A solar pump system is commonly seen in residential and commercial uses, as well as for irrigation of agricultural land. Through solar panels, the pump can eliminate the cost of energy and provide a more feasible option that uses energy from the sun (and not fuel-burning mechanisms) for pumping water.

Typical System Installation

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